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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stomach Bug Hits Culley House

Elizabeth won 3rd place at her school for her 4H speech. Her speech was all about Jack and mito. The county competition was Monday night at the Agri center. She had to be there between 5-5:45. I was crazy trying to get out there on time. OMG the traffic! Who wants to live in that! Anyway....she started throwing up on the way there and mom and I thought it was just nerves and anxiety. We gave her some encouraging words and practice her speech. When we got there, they gathered everyone together in one big auditorium. Then divided everyone into grade levels and on the way to the 4th grade room she threw up again. Again, I thought it's just nerves and gave her some more encouraging words. She was number 13 in line. Yeah I know, lucky #13. Well, just as #12 was sitting down, Elizabeth got up from her seat and walked back to where I was sitting. She said I don't feel good. I knew by the look on her face that I had to get her to a garbage can and fast. We made it to the bathroom and she throw up again. She wouldn't go back in the room to do her speech. I think she was too embarrassed and she didn't feel good. I can't blame her I wouldn't have gone back in either. She didn't look so good anymore either. So we all got back in the van and went back home without her ever uttering her speech. She spent yesterday and today at home with "tummy issues." On top of this excitement she had a science project to finish. UGH....!  I have heard form Jeter that kids are dropping like flies with this virus. I am praying that Jack doesn't get this thing. I know we will be in the hospital if he does. Please pray for this virus to pass over Jack. We have a mito friend Eric that does have a tummy virus and it has been hard on him. They spent to night in their ER. My mind is filled with anxiety and worry with this tummy bug going around. I am doing whatever I can to prevent. I have been keeping Elizabeth from touching, sometimes even looking at Jackson.
This past weekend weather was wonderful. Jackson and I got out of the house and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a welcome relief and an answer to prayer. I am so looking forward to spring! I can't wait for my flowers to bloom! I am so glad though that the weather system that is hitting the east coast missed us but we the cold, freezing temps did get us. I will be keeping Jackson indoors until it warms up some. It is just too dangerous to get him out in these temps even for a trip to school. I came as close as we ever have to loosing Jackson while at LeBonheur in December. I will not do that again!!!! I will do whatever it takes to put his health above everything else!!! I am so sorry to those that this offends. I also say to those that may think I might use this situation to get out of responsibilities or think that I am overly cautious and staying home is just silly and Jackson could tolerate the cold for just the few minutes to get inside somewhere to.... stick it! Walk in my worry just one day without going to the looney bin and then we'll talk. Until then, we will be inside.

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