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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is a birthday week for our family. My sister Caroline, cousin Josh and
Adam all have birthdays with a few days of each other. Caroline and Justin went to the Grand Canyon for the weekend for her birthday. Their baby, Harrison stayed with me, Julie and the Kropfs while they were away.  Monday the kids were out of school for President's day. After all these snow days that was exactly what the kids needed another day off.  Harrison came and stayed with me on Monday during the day. He was such a sweet baby! It's been a while since I've watched an itty bitty all day. Oh how I miss mine being little! I so enjoyed watching him play! Maddie and Eli acame over and played with Elizabeth and Wesley for a little while. I made them stay outside and play. Wesley and Eli kept asking to play Xbox and Wii. I told them it was too nice of a day to be inside. So, they went outside and played basketball and ran around with the worst dog in Shelby County, Daisy. They had a good time together. After lunch, Meme came and picked up Maddie and Eli. Then Aunt Ashley, who was also off for President's Day, took Elizabeth and Wesley to a movie. Harrison and Jackson got naps after the house got quiet. It was a busy day! I think Jackson may have experienced some jealous feelings toward Harrison. He watched me close when I was holding him and didn't like much at nap time when Harrison snuggled up between us. It was a good experience for him but one I  don't think he'd like to repeat. LOL

I had a meeting this afternoon at Jeter about Elizabeth. After seeing her TCAP scores, I requested that she be tested for APEX. APEX is what Shelby County schools calls the gifted program. Guess What???? She qualified for it!!! I am so proud of her!!!! All my reading, singing and talking to her when she was an itty bitty is paying off for her. She scored really well in everything. I am so proud of her! Did I already say I was proud? I am so proud of all of her accomplishments. Now, I have two kids in the Special Education System. As soon as Wesley takes the TCAP and I get his scores back I will have him tested too. I am so proud of my kids! It's a great feeling to see them excel. It is also a great feeling to know all my hard work at being the best mom I could be and all the sacrifices that go with that are showing up in their lives.

Jackson has an apt to see Dr. Morgan (neuro) at U of TN on Mon. I am anxious for this apt because Jackson has been having some new neurological events. He has been having some tense seizures. They seem alot stronger than they used too. I am hoping it's just time to adjust meds again and we will be able to still control them. He doesn't like them at all when they happen. He usually will cry out during and fuss alot after. Sometimes he is very sleepy after. They are disrupting his daily life. He staye home today from school because he was so tired from dealing with them through out the day. I think he had one about 3am and it woke him up. He was very fussy and hard to settle back down even though I was right beside him. He slept until 9am which is unusal for him. I know something is up... I can feel it in my mitochondria!   
I was so excited last week when he made it to school happy everyday. Last week was a great week. I hope that this week gets better for my little mito man.

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  2. I love hearing updates about your family. What awesome kids you have. Your positivenss towards life inspires me.