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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Talking....

Jackson went to school on Monday but had a bad day. They told me he just wasn't himself. My momma alarm had already been ringing because he had been grumpy that morning. He has run a fever 99.5-100.5 off and on since Mon. and has lots of  congestion with a cough. His coughs are very weak. They are not strong enough to clear everything so he sounds like Darth Vader again. I began antibiotics, Tylenol, Advil and increased his RT ( Respiratory Therapy). He is slowly feeling better. It's just such a L-O-N-G process to get him better. I need Spring Yall!!!!

I come from a long line of talkers. Talkers are those people you duck and hide from when you see them at Walmart because you know that your ground beef will be brown and the ice cream will be melted by the time you get to the check out if you get stopped by them. Yes, I will admit that sometimes I duck and hide to avoid people and conversations at Walmart. I like the trips to the store where I am totalling immersed in my list, coupons and scoring a great deal. I like the grocery store during the week when nobody is shopping except stay at home moms with a slew of kids and senior citizens. It's mostly quiet except for the sound of the kids begging for their favorite cereal or the occasional "Milk is how much? Oh my God! I remember when it cost a nickel." from the seniors. I know you may say she must not get out much but say what you want, this is who I am and I like me. Taking Jackson with me to store is alot like going out with a celebrity, not that he is all that popular but everyone stares just the same. Being totally focused on the great deal and quick trips are just not possible.  I am sure the stares are out of care, concern or curiosity but it still stings.
Anyway, back to talkers...I am one. I talk everywhere and to anybody about mitochondrial disease and Jackson. I will even talk to a complete stranger that does stop me at the grocery store and ask what is wrong with Jackson. I received some invites to talk in past few weeks. My first invite was to the Mustangs of Memphis group. They are a group of wonderful people dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Mustangs. They hold car shows and donate the money raised to different charities. I got to present the UMDF and speak about mito to them Tues night at the Dobbs Ford at Wolfchase. This was my first time ever really speaking to a group in a LONG time.  When I was done I thought of about a hundred different things I wish I had said. I don't know what charity they will donate to yet. There were two other charities presenting also. I also received an invitation to speak to the faculty at Crestview Middle School in Covington. I will go there this afternoon. So coming from this long line of talkers I am a little perplexed as to why I am feeling a little nervous about speaking.  It's not like I don't know what I am talking about.  I think Jackson and I will spend the rest of the morning figuring out our speech.

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