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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A new plan

Dr. Cohen called me today. He had spoken with the anesthesia doctor about doing the MRI again. This anesthesia doctor he said is well trained in all the risks, dos and don'ts associated with Mito and anesthesia. Dr. Cohen said considering Jackson's current respitory status (aka THE COLD), anesthesia risks it would not be a good idea to do the MRI at this time. It is a good idea because if Jackson's respitory status decompensates at all it would disqualify Jackson from the drug trial. I don't want to do anything that would disqualify Jack, so he will not have the MRI this visit.
So the new plan is to get more baseline bloodwork in the morning. Then Jackson will get the first EPI-743 dose on Friday. There is  follow up bloodwork for a few hours after the first dose and an EKG. After all that we are free to go home. Mom and I would like to leave Fri. afternoon but I don't know if Jack will feel up to a long ride in the dreaded faraway after his two days of Mito adventures. When we leave to travel home is up to Jack. Thank you for keeping up with Jack and his new Mito adventure!

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