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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Something good...

For the past two weeks we have been trying to get a permanent nurse to come to the house to help take care of Jackson. Last week we finally found one that has worked out. Her name is Charlotte.  She has been great with Jackson. She keeps him dry, fed, meds and vest. She also bathes him.  I must admit that it has felt weird having a stranger in our house taking care of Jackson.

Something good happened last week because of having nursing in the home. I usually don't get the usual kid whining from Jackson. The "I want you Momma" or "I want Daddy" We never see Jackson ever really show a preference for either one of us. Sometimes I've wondered does he know who I am. Does he know John? This week I got my answer. Jackson does know us. After having strangers in the house taking care of him for two weeks he has finally showed me that he knows Momma and Daddy and actually prefers us. The first time I noticed the developmental milestone,  Charlotte had him in the bed and was changing him. I was standing nearby but I don't think Jackson noticed. At the same time John came in the door, home from work. Jackson heard him talking to Wesley and he began to fret some. Then John started in the room but then turned away to go wash his hands. That's when the water works started. Jackson became so upset! He wanted his daddy! He had seen John turn and leave and it broke his heart. Jackson teared up again the next day when he saw me come in the living room. He had been sitting in his wheelchair in the living room with Charlotte. I had just been popping in and out of the living room checking on him while making dinner in the kitchen. It was upsetting to see him cry but oh my goodness he was indicating a preference for him momma. It was a sweet feeling seeing him indicate a want/desire. That is the first time I've ever seen him plainly express through crying that he wanted a parent. It is something I will never forget.

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