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Thursday, December 9, 2010

finally turning a corner...I think

I have tried to use my blackberry to update this page but it hasn't worked. I get all my thoughts down and then someone will come in the room and i'll lay it down. When I pick it up again I've lost everything i've typed so I just gave up. Mom is here today and I  am using her laptop. Lynn is sending hers too, so I can blog. They have computers I can use but I'm not leaving Jack to update. John hasn't had to travel this week and that has been a blessing. We had a crazy time in the hospital this visit. LeBonheur opened their new facilitly this week. They are still working out the kinks. Our door to our room sticks when it is shut all the way. When you open the door it takes a great effort so which wakes Jackson. I have put a note on the door to remind everyone to leave it cracked open. The nurses are learning several new pieces of equipment and systems and ways of doing things. Bless their hearts they are running ragged. All of them have been patient and kind even though I know they have to be ready to pull their hair out. So after our scary monday afternoon we spent tues watching Jack. 

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