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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A very bad, no good, terrible cold!

Jackson and Elizabeth have been fighting a bad cold for several days now. I took them to the dr. yesterday and he gave them a script for antibiotics. I know the cold is a virus and it has to run it's course. The meds for Jackson are a supportive measure so hopefully the bacteria sittin' in there won't cause any problems. Elizabeth definately has a sinus infection that came with this cold. She is on meds too. Wesley started sneezing this morning. Three kids with colds and part of me says Yeah!!!!! I get to snuggle them when they don't feel good. They are getting so big they don't climb in my lap as often as they used too. The other part of me says why me?
Please lift Jackson's health up to the Lord as he battles this latest virus. Mito and virus just don't mix. I have to carefully guard Jackson's rest when he is sick. He jsut doesn't have the energy to do much more than smile at me. I know he is in there somewhere because after blowing snot out of his nose during an intense sneeze, he looks at me when he is through and smiles. It is just too sweet of a moment! Oh and last but not least WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!!! GET A FLU SHOT!!!!

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