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Friday, February 22, 2013

Something normal

Last night, Jack had a visit from the tooth fairy!!! That's right you heard me, the tooth fairy! I noticed one of Jack's bottom teeth looking crooked earlier this week. When I felt it it was loose! I was immediately excited! Jack would get to experience a normal childhood milestone!  I was also immediately worried that the tooth would come out on it's own and Jack would get choked. This is the type of normal that is so precious to us! I was told when Jack was first diagnosed (dx) that these moments would never happen for Jack. I was told to take him home and love him because there was nothing anyone could do for Jack. You can imagine the grief that followed. That grief is what makes just a simple loose tooth so sweet! The tooth fairy did not bring Jack the usual monetary gift. Jack has no concept of money. So, the tooth that is assigned to him brought him Francesco from Cars 2.  Jack loved it!

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