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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jack and the eye Dr.

I took Elizabeth to Dr. Frizzell this morning for her bad cough. He says it's bronchitis. I've been expecting her to cough up a lung soon. That makes 2 kiddos on antibiotics.

Jack is still fighting his bronchitis. I think he caught it from Elizabeth. He is getting mutiple vest treatments a day and lots of suctioning to clear the secretions he is coughing up. He is also sleeping a lot, and tiring out quickly after an activity. He had opthmology apt. today. We've had the apt. for at least 3 months because it takes that long to get in for an apt. I know Jack is sick and really didn't feel like going. He had not had his eyes checked in a year. I felt like we had to keep this apt. for his eye health. Dr. Hoehn says Jack has a stigmatism and needs glasses. She says we can try the glasses to see if Jack will tolerate having them on his face or not. She says right now things are a little blurry for him. I hope he will like them. I'll keep you posted on what he does with them.

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